Living Clear with Levia
Psoriasis and vitiligo can be as problematic for physicians as they are distressing for their patients. These conditions, including their psychosocial components, can make a patient feel depressed,
socially isolated and embarrassed, which can also be frustrating and time consuming for their physician. Levia is a new and innovative FDA cleared device that provides Personal Targeted Phototherapy™ – an effective, non-drug solution for the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. Levia’ s smart technology and innovative graphic interface make phototherapy treatments easy. With Levia, physicians can help more patients experience Living Clear. Levia aims to partner with the medical community to bring this safe, and clinically effective targeted UVB
phototherapy to patients. We invite you to explore this brochure and visit our website – to learn more about Levia, and join our growing list of physicians interested
in treating photoresponsive diseases with phototherapy.

The Burden of Psoriasis
Medical and psychiatric comorbidities complicate effective psoriasis patient management. These patients have higher incidence levels of Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, metabolic syndrome and
cardiovascular disease. Psoriasis is also well documented to have a profound correlation to higher rates of mental health psychopathologies such as major depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction and poor self esteem.

Patient assessment typically evaluates the severity of disease and its impact on quality of life. Yet, the degree of disease severity as perceived by the patient often does not correspond with the physician’s assessment.

The Stigma of Vitiligo
Even though most vitiligo patients are in good general health, they face a greater risk of having hyperthyroidism, alopecia areata, and uveitis. Yet the greatest complication to the average vitiligo patient is the disorder’s impact on their quality of life. The disfigurement of vitiligo can be traumatizing, especially in youth or in people with naturally darker skin tones,
causing major social dysfunction and impacting their ability to interact.

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